Line 3, phase 3

Line 3 , phase 3


Picture of phase 3 of line no.3

  • The alignment extends from Attaba to Rod El-Farag Axis northern to Imbaba, then it passes above the Ring Road in this zone for phase (3A &3B), also it extends form Kit Kat square to Cairo university after passes under Gamet EL-Dowal street and Boulak EL-Dakrour zone (Phase 3C).
  • The length of these 3 phases is 17.7 K.m and consists of (15) stations which will be constructed in 3 phases (3A, 3B & 3C).


  • Part 1 (phase 3A):The length is 4 K.m from Attaba Station to Kit Kat Station, and consist of (4) underground stations (Nasser, Maspero, Zamalek & Kit Kat).
  • Part 2 (phase 3B):The length is 6.6 K.m from Kit Kat Station then passes Imbaba zone till reaching the interchange station (Rod El-Farag station) at Rod El-Farag Axis, and consist of (6) stations, one underground station and two over ground stations and three elevated stations (Sudan – Imbaba – El Bohy – El Qawmya – Ring Road & Interchange station Rod El-Farag).
  • Part 3 (phase 3C):The length is 7.1 K.m from Kit Kat Station then passes El-Mohandseen and Boulak zone till reaching Cairo University station, and consist of (5) stations, three underground stations and one over ground station and one elevated station (Tawfikia – Wadi EL-Nil – Gamet El dowal – Boulak – Cairo University).
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