Cairo metro lines according to transportation studies

Cairo metro lines

Picture of the Cairo metro network

  • The current Cairo metro network consists of the first line that extends from Helwan to El-Marj El-Jadida. The second line extends from Shubra El-Khayma to Cairo University and the first phase of the third line extends from Attaba Station to the Abbasia Station and the second phase of the third line extending from Abbasia station to Al-Ahram station.
  • Line no.1: (Helwan – El-marj) the length is 44 km and it had started operation in 1987 in phases.
  • Line no.2: (Shubra Al-Khaymah – Almonib) the length is 21.5 km and it had started operation in 1996 in phases.
  • Line no.3: (Cairo Airport – Imbaba – Cairo University) with a length of 45.5 km, the first phase had started in February 2012 and the second phase had started in May 2014 and the implementation of the third and fourth phases of the line is under construction now.
  • Line no.4: (from the west of the ring road behind Dream Land zone – New Cairo) with a length of 42 km long and it is expected to start construction works very soon.
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